With a goal to create a cutting-edge and inviting space that appeals to clients and investors while maintaining the warehouse integrity, Ambyint utilized Kimball International’s Kimball brand of furniture to bring their vision to life.

Ambyint, a market leader in AI-powered optimization for the oil and gas industry, is in a position to lead the delivery of solutions for all artificial lift applications and industrial autonomy. To achieve this, their new U.S. headquarters in Houston needed to appeal to industry partners, clients, and investors, while differentiating them as a fun, innovative organization. Ambyint brought in WHL Spaces (Kimball International Dealer Partner) and AV Interiors (Houston design firm) along with the Kimball International team to create their new space. 

As part of the oil and gas industry, Ambyint is sensitive to environmental issues. Along with relationship and quality products, commitment to sustainability was one of their top reasons for selecting Kimball International as their preferred furniture manufacturer. With the blending of departments in the new space, KORE benching and Joya task chairs were chosen to eliminate barriers, help people stay inspired and productive, and better connect them to their work and each other. A polished yet industrial touchdown area was also created using fiXt table and stools to encourage creativity and group interaction. 

“We were looking for a furniture solution that accomplished our goals. The entire space needed to encourage collaboration, make a statement about our innovative yet stable market position, and simply be a place where people wanted to work!”


With the goal of attracting new clients and investors, meeting spaces were a focus. In the formal conference room, Theo conference chairs were chosen to provide comfort and mobility during important discussions. Narrate shelters were used to create two multipurpose meeting spaces in the open plan—one with Teem to integrate technology into work sessions, and the other with Theo chairs and Joelle to provide comfort and inspire creativity. Their request for a townhall gathering area was achieved through the use of Pairings, Dock, and Nash stools. And to tie everything together, bold patterns were paired with pops of color to make the space feel modern and fun. The collective effort put forth by WHL Spaces, AV Interiors, and Kimball created a space that was beautiful, innovative, and functional.